Aquaeco2 MAX - CO2 Hot water heat pump

Flexible indoor split system based on Japanese Eco-cute, re-designed in France to meet European requirements


Aquaeco2 MAX heat pump is a flexible system for domestic hot water production provided by SANDEN Environmental Solutions and manufactured in SANDEN MANUFACTURING EUROPE, France. It allows an extended distance betweeen the HP unit and the hot water unit. A wide range of tank capacities (from 200 to 750L) can be connected to the heat pump unit so that Aquaeco2 MAX can respond to all DHW needs.

Technical specifications
  • Outside air source, indoor installation
  • Composed of 2 indoor units: The HP unit and the tank units can be 12 m distant (can be installed on different floors
  • Thermodynamic performance from -15°C to +43°C
  • Hot water tanks from 200 to 750L to meet residential (collective buildings) or commercial needs


  • High energy performance gained from the distant installation of the heat pump unit (close to outside air-source) and the water tank (close to water tap)
  • Based on Japanese Eco-cute, re-designed in France to meet European requirements
  • No electric back-up needed, even at -15°C outside temperature
  • Hot water at 65°C available at all times
  • Recommended for residential use and commercial use
  • Recommended for collective buildings and professionnal applications
  • Possibility to operate with customer's tank (under adapted specifications)
  • Possibility to operate with several Heat Pumps in parallel in accordance with the needs

  • Europe 

  • Residential sector (single-family dwellings or small multi-family buildings)
  • Commercial sector (hospitality industry, catering, dairy farms…)

For more information, contact SANDEN Environmental Solutions : .

SANDEN Environmental Solutions was set in 2014 to drive the expansion of SANDEN CO2 Technology in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Our office is responsible for Sales & Marketing and Advanced Product Management in order to offer the right solutions responding to EMEA market needs. We work closely with SANDEN Manufacturing Europe plant and technical center to ensure the best level of satisfaction for our business partners.


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