EcoRuno space heating hot water heat pump unit

  • Outdoor unit resulting from exclusive patent on CO2 technology for space heating
  • Available in Japan

Pioneer in CO2 technology, SANDEN issued an exclusive patent on CO2 refrigerant use for space heating. The system that resulted, EcoRuno, is suitable for central heating. In addition it can provide higher temperature hot water up to 70°C.

Technical specifications
  • Outdoor installation
  • Heat capacity: 9.0kW
  • COP: 4.0
  • Hot water temperature adjustable from 40°C to 70°C (7 steps)

  • Provide high water temperature up to 70°C
  • Environmentally friendly due to use of CO2 refrigerant

  • Available on Japanese market
  • Field-tests in France for European adaptation


EcoRuno - space heating hot water heat pump unit

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