• Semi-hermetic reciprocating type
• Wear-resistant drive with further developed multilayer bearings


Bitzer has developed a semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor series for CO2 transcritical applications with a maximum operating pressure of 130 bar.

Basic specifications

  • Type: semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
  • Max. operating pressure: 130 bar
  • Displacement (in m3/h at 50Hz): 6.6 - 9.6
  • Cylinder: 4
  • Robust housing with high pressure strength and no bottom plate for maximum operating pressures of 130 bar on the high pressure side
  • Wear-resistant drive gear with further developed multilayer bearings for best emergency operating characteristics
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications and various system configurations
  • High energy efficiency
  • Large-volume, suction-gas cooled motor is suitable for speed regulation
  • Efficient working valves, special drive gear geometry
  • Cylinder heads with separate, thermally isolated high and low pressure chambers
  • 4 cylinder design: quiet and low vibration, well suited for the operation with frequency inverter


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