Controller to regulate CO2 gas cooling, type EKC 326

• Used in subcritical and transcritical cooling control systems
• Maintains optimal pressure in the gas cooler


The controller can be used in systems with trans-critical and subcritical cooling control systems where CO2 is used as a refrigerant. The controller regulates the pressure in the gas cooler (condenser) so that the system achieves the optimal COP.

  • Maintains optimal pressure in the trans-critical range.
  • Guarantees an optimal operating situation in the subcritical range, so that the best possible COP is achieved.
  • On/off input to start/stop regulation. Regulation stops and the valve opens when the input is closed. The function can be wired so that the valve opens when the compressor has stopped.
  • Facility to force the valve to open at pressures over Pgc Max. lim.
  • Facility to use either dP or dT to control sub-cooling in a subcritical state. (dT is used as a basic principle.)
  • PI regulation.
  • 4-20 mA output signal to control the valve.
  • Facility to connect a pressure transmitter so that the pressure in the receiver can be read off. This function requires an external power supply.
  • The controller guarantees the system’s maximum performance by maintaining the optimal pressure in the gas cooler when regulation takes place in the trans-critical range.
  • The controller will always optimise to a subcritical state.

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