BJ & BX coils for solenoid valves

  • UL approved coil types BJ & BX for solenoid valves
  • Featuring a redesigned frame and robust encapsulation to extend the product’s lifetime and durability

Technical specifications

 Specific to BJ & BX coils:

  • Design: In accordance with UL 429
  • Power consumption: Alternating current (a.c.): Inrush: 49 VA; Holding: 28 VA, 16 W
  • Permissible voltage variation: Alternating current (a.c.): 10% – -15%
  • Insulation of coil wire: Class H according to IEC 85
  • Connection: Junction box or Conduit boss
  • Ambient temperature: -40 °F – 122 °F (-40 °C – 50 °C)
  • Power supply: Alternating current (a.c.)
  • Enclosure, IEC 529
  • Junction box NEMA 2 ~ IP 12–32
  • Conduit boss NEMA 4 ~ IP 54


  • Faster and more accurate installation with clip-on function
  • More durable and reliable operation
  • Widely availability making logistics easier for the customer
  • Complete product portfolio of valve and coil combinations for a range of standard and specialty needs
  • Robust design with external frame and materials-choice for improved lifetime and reliability of the coil
  • One-stop-shop supported by a full portfolio of complementary controls products, to help with supplier reduction initiatives


  • Commercial refrigeration


Coils for solenoid valves Type BJ and BX

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