• Dedicated controller for use in cascade systems with CO2
• Efficient control and optimisation of cascade systems



Danfoss has developed the EKC 313, a controller for use in systems with cascade regulating and CO2 as refrigerant on the low temperature circuit.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight: 0,338kg
  • Display included
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Function: Cascade
  • Multi pack format
  • Power consumption: 8,0 VA
  • Sensor type: 2x Pt 1000, pressure sensor, AKS2050
  • Supply voltage: 24V
  • Dedicated cascade controller to control and optimise cascade systems
  • Efficient control of a cascade heat exchanger
  • Can cope with the extreme temperature differences particularly when running with CO2 as refrigerant
  • Can run with two different refrigerants: choose most efficient refrigerant for high and low temperature circuits in your specific system
  • If equipped for data communication the controller can be connected to other products in the range of ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration controls. In this way operation, monitoring and data collection can be performed from one PC – either on the spot or in a service company.


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