• Angleway and straightway filters
• Used ahead of automatic controls, pumps, compressors etc.
• Easy installation & servicing; reduces wear on plant components


For Industrial Refrigeration: FIA filters are a range of angle-way and straightway filters which are carefully designed to give favourable flow conditions.

Technical Specifications
  • FIA filters are used ahead of automatic controls, pumps, compressors etc. for initial plant startup and where permanent filtration of the refrigerant is required
  • Applicable to all common refrigerants and non-corrosive gases/liquids
  • The filter housing is made of special, cold resistant steel (FIA) or stainless steel (FIA-SS) approved for low temperature application
  • Temperature range: –60/+150°C
  • Maximum working pressure: FIA: 40 bar g / FIA-SS: 52 bar g (754 psi g)

  • Easy installation
  • Quick filter inspection and cleaning
  • Easy servicing through filter net of stainless steel mounted direct without extra gaskets
  • Reduces the risk of undesirable system breakdowns and reduces wear and tear on plant components

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