Guentner Cubic Vario Air Coolers for CO2

  • Wall/ceiling air cooler for industrial applications
  • Cubic design
  • CO2 transcritical models (CXGHN, CXGHF)

  • Wall/ceiling air cooler for industrial applications
  • Cubic design
  • CO2 transcritical models (CXGHN, CXGHF)

Basic Specifications
  • Operating condition -45°C / -35°C
  • Maximum operating pressure of 120 bar at 150°C
  • Capacity 1.4-141kW
  • Stainless steel casing, core tubes and tray
  • Multifunctional design
  • Approved for rooms used for food processing
  • Hinged and thermally-decoupled tray
  • Large condensation drain with 45° incline
  • Copper tubes for coolant and CO2

  • Quality two-speed suction fans, wide air throw
  • Wide range of applications (CO2, R718, NH3)
  • Multiple design types
  • Exceptional heat coefficient transfer
  • High operational reliability and leak-safety
  • Very low minimal condensing temperature
  • GWP of 1, ODP of 0

  • Ceiling mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Empty tube for defrost sensor
  • Side cover with hinges and quick-release fastener

  • Industrial refrigeration, food processing


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