• For industrial refrigeration
• Very compact, direct operated motor valve


Danfoss has developed a very compact, direct operated motor valve. The ICM comprises a valve body, a combined function module/top cover and an ICAD actuator as the main components.

Basic specifications
  • Maximum working pressure: 52 bar/754 psig
  • Temperature range: Media: -60/+120°C (-76/+248°F)
  • The external surface is zinc-chromated to provide good corrosion protection
  • For industrial refrigeration
  • Direct coupled connections
  • Low temperature steel body
  • Low weight and compact design
  • ICM is CE, UL and CRN approved
  • There is a very wide range of connection types available with ICM valves
  • Available as a complete valve and as parts programme
  • Designed to regulate an expansion process in liquid lines and to control pressure or temperature in dry and wet suction lines and hot gas lines
  • Valves can be operated manually via a magnetic tool (accessory)

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