• Compact, servo-operated control valve
• Regulated by up to 3 pilot valves
• Designed for low and high-pressure refrigerants


For Industrial Refrigeration: Danfoss has developed compact, servo operated control valves to regulate pressure, temperature and ON/OFF functions in refrigeration systems for both for low and high pressure refrigerants.

Being able to withstand working pressures of 52 bar, the ICS valves in dry and wet suction lines and liquid lines without phase change. They are regulated by up to 3 pilot valves connected simultaneously.

Technical Specifications
  • Pilot operated valves (1 / 3 pilot pressure connections)
  • Designed for low and high-pressure refrigerants
  • Applicable to all common refrigerants (including CO2) and non-corrosive gases/liquids
  • Used on the high and low pressure sides, in wet and dry suction lines and in liquid lines
  • Main components: valve body, function module and top cover
  • Pilot valves are screwed directly into the ICS valve or connected via an external pilot line
  • ICS valve top cover includes a pressure gauge connection
  • Maximum working pressure: 52 bar
  • Low temperature steel body
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Optimum regulating accuracy through V-port regulating cone 
  • Precise control accuracy through PTFE piston ring in function module 
  • Modular Concept: each valve body is available with several different connection types and sizes
  • Multifunction valve: several pilot valves can be mounted into the pilot ports

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