Pack controller for transcritical systems, Advanced Heat Reclaim functions, Integrated oil management functionality


Danfoss has developed the pack controller AK-PC 781 to meet the increasing demand for innovative controlling of CO2 systems.

Main Functions
  • Advanced Heat Reclaim functions
  • Integrated Gas cooler control and medium pressure (receiver) control
  • Capacity control: Up to 8 compressors
  • Up to 3 unloaders for each compressor
  • 3 general purpose PI controllers
  • Oil management: Speed control of one or two compressors, Up to 6 safety inputs for each compressor, Option for capacity limitation to minimize consumption peaks
  • Start/stop of liquid injection into suction line
  • Start/stop of liquid injection in heat exchanger (cascade)
  • Safety monitoring of high pressure / low pressure / discharge temperature
  • Capacity control of up to 6 (8) fans
  • Floating reference with regard to outside temperature
  • Step coupling, speed regulation or a combination
  • Safety monitoring of fans


AK-PC 781 - White Paper

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