By TEKO, published May 09, 2017

ROXSTA2.0 is suitable for larger supermarkets, food production and logistics or warehouses. For difficult placement situations or narrow machine rooms, the machine and medium pressure station can be separated on site. 


  • Interior and exterior installation
  • Flexibly selectable options
  • Modular installation of machine and medium pressure station
  • Medium temperature cooling, low temperature, cooling, heat pump, air conditioning
  • Parallel compression, ejectors

Design Pressure

  • 30 / 60 bar suction line (low temperature)
  • 45 / 60 bar suction line (medium temperature)
  • 45 / 60 bar medium pressure
  • 120 bar high pressure side

Completely mounted and tubed unit

  • Trans- and subcritical CO2 piston compressors by Bitzer or Frascold connected as a booster
  • Guide compressor with frequency converter
  • High and low pressure packages gauge, LP cutout, Wurm pressure transducer)
  • Pressure cut-out for high and safety pressure, non-adjustable, type tested per compressor
  • Safety valves for high/medium pressure and suction side (optional redundant) 
  • Insulation on suction side
  • Medium pressure receiver (165 L / 250 L / 2 x 165 L / 2 x 250 L)
  • Sensor at the outlet of the gas cooler
  • Minimum (and maximum - optional) level control
  • Insulation of the medium pressure vessel
  • Regulated post-injection
  • Stop valve after filter-drier and sight glass
  • Antivibration pads 
  • Suction filter (MT/LT)
  • Oil sump heater each compressor

Switch cabinet and control

  • Switch cabinet with electronic control
  • All switching devices which are necessary for fully automatic operation
  • Electric components are labelled according to German standards
  • Ventilation of the switchboard
  • Main switch
  • Control transformers
  • Independent power supply closes the high and medium pressure valves in case of power failure
  • Energy metering MT/LT (optional)

Improvement in efficiency 

  • Parallel compression
  • Ejectors
  • TEKO development EVALIFT & TEKOJET

Heating and air conditioning 

  • Heat exchanger for heating and service water incl. manual bypass & 3-way ball motor valve
  • Charge pumps for heating and service water
  • Heat pump compressor
  • Air conditioning function
  • Insulation on pressure side (13 mm)


  • Commercial refrigeration

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