By TEKO, published May 09, 2017

The ROXSTAindustrial series meets the demands of the industry, food production and logistics industries. The transcritical COseries provides a high level of flexibility in order to satisfy customer needs and completely meet the demands within the kinds of use.


  • Clever design for individual use
  • Stable/heavy construction
  • Semi-modular for transport and installation
  • Medium temperature cooling, low temperature cooling, heat pump, air conditioning, parallel, ejectors
  • Diverse implementability of special demands

Design pressure

  • 30 (60*) bar suction line (low temperature)
  • 45 (60*) bar suction line (medium temperature)
  • 45 / 60 / 80 bar medium pressure
  • 120 bar high pressure side

* On request

Completely mounted and tubed unit

  • Transcritical and subcritical COpiston compressors by Bitzer or Frascold connected as a booster
  • Guide compressor with frequency converter
  • Ball stop valves
  • High and low pressure packages (gauge LP cutout, Wurm pressure transducer)
  • Pressure cut-out for high and safety pressure, non-adjustable, type tested per compressor
  • Safety valves for high/medium pressure and suction side (optional redundant)
  • Muffler for pulsation damping in the common discharge line (LT)
  • Insulation on suction side
  • Medium pressure receiver (165 / 250 / 2 x 165 / 2 x 250 L = 80 bar) & (420 / 2 x 420 L = 60 bar)
  • Sensor at the outlet of the gas cooler
  • Minimum level display
  • Insulation of the medium pressure vessel
  • Valve for post-injection
  • Stop valve after filter-drier and sight glass
  • Antivibration pads
  • Suction filter (MT/LT)
  • Oil sump heater each compressor


  • Can attach an exterior chiller. In southern countries, the additional cooling of the refrigeration circuit can keep a transcritical unit energetically stable. In doing so, sensitive products are protected.
  • Eco-operation. Especially in high capacity ranges (> 80 kW), an Eco-parallel compression can provide significant advantages concerning efficiency. It improves the COP of the units and consumes less power. Ejectors can also be integrated.
  • For longer piping paths or bigger height differences within the piping network, the ROXSTA-series contains active subcooling of the refrigerant. The differences in temperature within a unit are reduced, the behaviour of the unit also remains stable when the distances are longer.


  • Industrial refrigeration

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