• Angleway and straightway stop valves
• Applicable to all common refrigerants / non-corrosive gases
• Ensures perfect closing


For Industrial Refrigeration: SVA are angleway and straightway stop valves which are designed to meet all CO2 industrial refrigeration application requirements.

Technical Specifications
  • Applicable to all common refrigerants and non-corrosive gases/liquids
  • Available in angleway and straightway versions with standard bonnet or extended bonnet (15-100) for insulated systems
  • Can accept flow in both directions
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Temperature range: –60/+150°C
  • Maximum working pressure: 40 / 52 bar
Optional accessories:
  • Heavy duty industrial hand wheel for frequent operation
  • Cap for infrequent operation
  • Lock washers for the stop valves subjected to high vibrations/pulsations
  • Designed to give favourable flow characteristics
  • Easy to dismantle and repair when necessary
  • Valve cone is designed to ensure perfect closing

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