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CD400 Compressor

Dorin has developed the CD400 model as part of the CD compressor range. It features maximised energy efficiency as well as extreme and proven reliability.

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Heat Pump H600

Fenagy CO2 heat pumps and refrigeration systems have several advantages. Among these are a high COP, wide temperature ranges (supply/return), a small footprint, low noise, and custom-built units, so they match your needs.

An extract of the technical specifications of the H600-AW/WW heat pump.

  • Use CO2 as refrigerant
  • 3 compressors (2 MT compressors and 1 IT compressor)
  • 600 kW heating capacity
  • High COP (3-3.5 tested COP)
  • Fully factory-built, programmed, configured, and tested
  • Welded and robust frame
  • Can be delivered in a soundproofed house with minimal on-site installation
  • Available as an air-to-water or water-to-water heat pump
  • Industrial PLC
  • All required safety equipment, sensors, and instruments
  • Efficient supply of temperatures and capacity
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