Danish OEM Advansor, a leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 (R744) systems for commercial and light industrial applications, has announced four new free webinars, starting in October, that will showcase energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for food and beverage processing, distribution, storage, retail and district heating.

“All webinars are based on customer cases within these industries, providing unique insights on how to obtain energy savings, lower total cost of ownership and reduce CO2 footprint,” Advansor said in a press release.

The webinars, lasting 45-minutes, will be presented in English, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Norwegian and Croatian. Participants can register for the webinars here.

The October webinar will focus on cooling and heating solutions for food retail stores, “with customer cases showing real-life examples of how to optimize energy efficiency, space and time for new installations and retrofits,” Advansor said.

In November, the webinar will cover heat pumps for buildings, food processing and district heating. “Energy-efficient heat pump solutions are competitive and reliable and allow you to move away from fossil fuels,” Advansor noted.

The January 2024 webinar highlights “cutting-edge CO2 climate solutions specifically designed for distribution centers and warehousing facilities,” the company said. It will include customer cases from Mærsk, Lidl and Mathem on embracing sustainable practices while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The April 2024 webinar demonstrates how combining heating and cooling systems saves energy and lowers CO2e emissions for the food and beverage processing industry. “Sustainable practices and energy efficiency can be integrated seamlessly, leading to significant environmental benefits and cost savings,” Advansor said.

New CO2 rack

Earlier this year, Advansor launched its ValuePack Light CO2 rack for smaller urban supermarkets and store retrofits. In terms of size and capacity, the ValuePack Light fits between the company’s MiniBooster and ValuePack to offer “compact but efficient solutions,” said Wim Tobback, Belgium Area Sales Manager, at EuroShop 2023.

“We want [our racks] to be climate solutions that provide cooling, heating, freezing and air-conditioning all in one rack, said Lisette Lykke Hansen, Advansor’s Strategic Marketing and Digitalization Manager, in an interview at EuroShop 2023. “By recovering heat from air-conditioning and refrigeration, we can provide space heating and hot water,” she added.

At the 2022 ATMOsphere Europe Summit, a case study of Advansor’s air-to-water SteelXL CO2-based heat pump was featured in a presentation. Applied in a district heating application in Rørvig, Denmark, the unit intends to supply hot water and space heating at a lower cost while avoiding 470 metric tons of annual CO2e emissions previously produced from gas heating.

At the time of the presentation, the unit was still in the commissioning phase. However, the expected performance was “on target” with an inspection resulting in a COP of 3.4 at 11°C (51.8°F), said Casper Christiansen, Business Development Manager for Heat Pumps at Advansor.

Established in 2006 and headquartered in Brabrand, Denmark, Advansor has produced more than 14,000 CO2 systems with installations in over 30 countries.

Last December, Advansor was one of 22 companies who signed a statement asserting that the then-proposed EU F-gas Regulation revision could be “implemented without any problems” due to the availability of natural refrigerant-based systems that often operate “with lower energy consumption.”

This year Advansor posted on LinkedIn a statement connecting f-gas refrigerants with TFA and PFAS.

“All webinars are based on customer cases, providing unique insights on how to obtain energy savings, lower total cost of ownership and reduce CO2 footprint.”