Danish OEM Advansor has joined the world’s leading CO2 refrigeration manufacturers as a gold partner of the R744.com marketplace.

In 2011, Advansor was acquired by Dover Corp., which made it part of U.S. OEM Hillphoenix, also a gold partner of R744.com. 

Advansor designs and manufactures CO2 refrigeration solutions for a very wide range of applications — from small 45kW (12.8TR) compact systems to the Steel XL, dubbed the “Tyrannosaurus Rex” of CO2 refrigeration, with medium-temperature capacities up to 1,400kW (398TR).

Advansor also manufactures CO2 chiller units with cooling capacities of more than 600kW (171TR). The chiller units – turnkey solutions, with modular and compact designs – are easy to install, according to Advansor’s website.

The company’s patented SteelXL rack has proved popular since its launch, and is among others being employed by Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize and Norwegian discount retailer Rema 1000. The SteelXL is also being deployed for industrial applications, such as a Norwegian hospital that is using a unit to provide air conditioning.

In addition to its CO2 refrigeration solutions and chillers, Advansor has recently launched an Emergency Cooling Unit for its transcritical CO2 systems that prevents the loss of refrigerant in the event of a system standstill by maintaining a low pressure.

Advansor also provides CO2 training, having launched a free online CO2 training course at the beginning of 2021. The course includes nine modules, covering both basic information and more advanced topics, from start-up, installation and servicing of R744 refrigeration systems, to the functionality and commissioning of heat recovery systems.

For prospective customers, Advansor offers a tool that can estimate the potential energy savings and return of investment (ROI) for CO2 racks. The tool, which was launched in March 2021, bases its calculations on the specific rack model, any add-on technology and the ambient climate.