Danish OEM Advansor, a division of U.S.-based Hillphoenix, has launched an Emergency Cooling Unit for its transcritical CO2 systems that prevents the loss of refrigerant in the event of a system standstill by maintaining a low pressure.

A system standstill in which the rack stops functioning can occur as a result of a grid power failure, other emergency or system shutdown during servicing. It can lead to  the loss of the entire CO2 charge.

The Emergency Cooling Unit is “very compact and fitted directly to the receiver, and thereby very easy to install,” said Advansor on its website.

The unit is exclusively sold together with Advansor’s ValuePack, ValuePack II, CuBig or SteelX rack. It is installed inside the rack frame and is fully factory tested, running on UPS, 230V and low power supply.

Advansor, one of the leading transcritical CO2 producers in the world, recently announced that its SteelXL “energy-optimized” transcritical CO2 rack is being employed by Belgium supermarket chain Delhaize.

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