The brand new lettuce processing plant, by the Staay Food Group, will use state of the art refrigeration technology and city-farming type structures to grow the lettuce indoors under special LED lights.

Mark Kristensen, Advansor’s Industrial Sales Manager, expects this to be “the biggest CO2 refrigeration project, known, in the World,” with a total capacity over 3,36 Megawatts (MW).

“Advansor is very proud to be partner in this project, which again proves that transcritical CO2 systems are not only for commercial use,” Kristensen, told Working with local contractors Huijbregts Koeltechniek BV, Kristensen added they are “looking forward to the commissioning and expecting full operation during January 2017.”

Key features

Advansor has already designed the CO2 refrigeration system to reach a capacity of 3,36 MW, splitting this capacity between seven transcritical CO2 racks, similar to the ones below. The company expects to have all seven racks delivered to the contractors during the second half of September.

The evaporating capacity of the system will reach a range of temperatures with different charges; including 0,53 MW at -7 °C, 1,87 MW at -5°C, 0,78 MW at 0°C and 0,03MW at -28°C. in addition the systems will also provide 0,15 MW of cooling for air conditioning purpose.

In total the system will use 45 Bock compressors, made up of 28 medium temperature compressors, 14 parallel compressors and 3 frost compressors.

During an interview with, Johan Jermiin, Director of Operations at  Advansor said that ”manufacturing was not complicated as we have made many similar systems for other clients. However during the manufacturing process you need to follow a strict set of steps that secures a high quality product that can be commissioned without unforeseen issues.”

“Advansor has [also] equipped the CO2 transcritical systems with plate heat exchangers providing around 600 Kilowatts (kW) of heat-reclaim” says Mr. Kristensen. “This free heat source is to provide heating for the office facilities.”

More opportunities for CO2 in the industrial sector

“It is not the first time we are providing systems in the MW range, but this is probably the world’s largest project to date” Kristensen says, “Our dedicated industrial team realizes a significant growing interest from contractors, consultants as well as end users.”