Leading Danish rack manufacturer Advansor is gearing up to host a fully booked two-day training course on CO2 refrigeration technology. Participants will receive theoretical and practical training on the functioning and structure of CO2 refrigeration systems, with additional training on Advansor’s transcritical booster systems on offer over the two-day course.

Next month, Advansor will hold two training series open to skilled and less experienced refrigeration engineers alike. The first is on 16-17 March and the second is on 30-31 March. 

“If you are a rack manufacturer, you cannot just sit in your factory. You have to go out there and support the market.”

Kim G. Christensen, Advansor’s managing director 

Kim G. Christensen, managing director of Advansor, says training can be really important for the CO2 business. “If you are a rack manufacturer, you cannot just sit in your factory. You have to go out there and support the market, and you have to work as a consultant and do a lot of training,” Christensen told R744.com.

The first day of the training sessions concerns theory and the design of CO2 systems – covering booster system design and functioning, the main components and processes, standstill pressure and pump-down, heat recovery and energy consumption, specifications, installation and operation, and single point failures.

The second day will be much more practical, with a demonstration of a working rack. Attendees will learn how to commission a system, charge a CO2 rack, start-up the system, use controllers, compressors and valves, and perform service and maintenance. 

The aim is to involve technicians in these demonstrations and let them perform some of the practical tasks involved in setting up a CO2 rack system. 

Further training sessions will take place at a later date in Aarhus: on 9-10 November and 23-24 November 2017. Both the March and November dates are already fully booked. For more information about Advansor’s training offer, contact training@advansor.dk

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