Attendees of 2017 AHR Expo, to be held January 30 to February 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will have access to more than 75 seminars, technical sessions and certifications, including many related to natural refrigerant technologies.

The AHR Expo also hosts close to 2,000 exhibitors, many with natural refrigerant products and services, and attracts 60,000 HVAC&R industry professionals. The event is co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI, and is held concurrently with ASHRAE’s Winter Conference.

“We pride ourselves on offering these ancillary education, training and certification opportunities as a way to fully maximize the benefit attendees gain from being a part of AHR Expo,” said Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Company, which manages the show.

“We pride ourselves on offering these ancillary education, training and certification opportunities.

Clay Stevens, International Exposition Company

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate 56 free seminars on a range of topics presented by associations and other HVACR industry groups. In addition, numerous courses, continuing educational sessions and opportunities for testing will be offered for a nominal fee, both prior to and during the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas.

Those attending the 2017 AHR Expo in Vegas can additionally sit for exams from several HVACR industry organizations, including the North American Technician Excellence (NATE). 

Here is a list of educational sessions related to natural refrigerant technologies:

  • Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps. Speaker: Victor Flynn, director, Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America; Monday, 30 Jan., 12:15-12:35 pm, Theatre C.
  • Commercial Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers. Speaker: Jacob Wolfe, executive director of business development, Kelvion; Monday, 30 Jan., 12:45-1:05 pm, Theatre C.
  • E2VF: The High Performance Electronic Expansion Valve Leading to Reduced CO2 Speaker: Giovanni Righetto, product manager, Carel Industries; Monday, 30 Jan., 1:15-1:35 pm, Theatre B.
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Advancements in Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower Technology. Speaker: Benjamin Cohen, product marketing manager, North America, Baltimore Aircoil Company; Monday, 30 Jan., 2:15-2;35 pm. Theatre B.
  • Introduction of Mayekawa’s New Air-Cooled NH3/COChiller Package. Speaker: Troy Davis, energy manager, Mayekawa USA; Monday, 30 Jan., 3:45-4:05 pm, Theatre C.
  • Applications of the Latest Developments in Chiller Technology. Speakers: Frank Silva, Scott McDonough, Carrier; Tuesday, 31 Jan., 11:45 am-12:05 pm, Theatre A
  • Adiabatic Cooling Systems: Wet When You Need It and Dry When You Don’t. Speaker: Mike Silverstein, senior sales engineer, Guntner US; Tuesday, 31 Jan., 4:15-4:35 pm, Theatre B.

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