In recognition of its climate protection management efforts, Aldi Süd this week (18 July) became the first food retailer to receive a ‘climate protection enterprise’ award from the German Environment Ministry (BMUB) under its excellence initiative for climate protection.

“I am pleased that with Aldi Süd, the food retail sector now has a representative in [addressing] climate change and energy efficiency,” said German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks.

To win the award the discount retailer had to pass an independent peer review.

“As one of the largest food retailers, we have a special social responsibility.

Jeannette Thull,  Aldi Süd Central Purchasing’s CEO

The BMUB cited the company’s use of solar panels and energy-efficient refrigeration systems.

As previously reported on, Aldi Süd has been investing exclusively in CO2 systems for its stores since the beginning of 2016. In parallel, the retailer is installing hydrocarbons-based cabinets – since 2016, all its newly installed stand-alone units have operated on 100% propane.

“As one of the largest food retailers, we have a special social responsibility,” said Jeannette Thull, CEO of Aldi Süd Central Purchasing.

“We are convinced that sustainable economic success can only be achieved by assuming responsibility for people, nature and the environment, and facing up to global challenges such as climate change,” Thull said.

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