The six products cover different sections of the cooling market, for industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and data centre applications.

Chillventa counts among the world’s premier trade shows for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump technology.

Industrial air coolers for distribution centres…  

First up is the Arctigo series of industrial air coolers. Two new products will be on display at the show. One is a single discharge industrial air cooler, the Alfa Laval Arctigo ID; and the second is a dual discharge industrial air cooler, the Alfa Laval Arctigo IS.

All can be used with H(C)FC, ammonia, brine, and CO2 refrigerants.

They are designed to keep fresh and frozen goods refrigerated from +20 to -35°C for the double discharge system, with either high or low humidity content; and +10 to -40 °C for the single discharge system, also with either high or low humidity content.

The products are guaranteed for two years, are designed to be easy to install, and are capable of cooling large distribution centres.

…and data centres

Alfa Laval’s Arctigo LSV air coolers are heavy-duty industrial air coolers specifically designed for cooling down data centres, which can become very warm as a result of heat given off by servers.

The LSV uses water as the refrigerant in combination with a low-speed ventilation system that delivers the lowest PUE (the ratio of the total amount of energy used by a computer data centre facility to the energy delivered to computing equipment), making the system overall very efficient.

The Alfa Laval Abatigo, an adiabatic liquid cooler that provides water at the right temperature to cool the servers, and the Alfa Laval AQ4 heat exchanger are designed for use in combination with the LSV in the data centre.

Ammonia technology on show

Alfa Laval’s Alfa Nova 200 (a fusion-bonded plate heat exchanger), the Alfa Laval Optigo CCB (a commercial air cooler), and the Alfa Laval TK20 with a U-turn semi-welded plate (a heat exchanger with liquid separator) have all been developed especially for use in ammonia applications.

The Alfa Nova 200 has been tested on ammonia systems to ensure that it stands up against ammonia’s corrosiveness. It is also designed for different pressure levels, making it particularly suited to low-charge ammonia applications for commercial refrigeration.

Look out for more Chillventa coverage in the run-up to, during and after the event!

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