Wieland, one of the leading manufacturers of copper and copper-alloy tubes, will be presenting the K65 high-pressure tube systems at the annual ATMOsphere America conference taking place from 25-26 June in Atlanta, Georgia, marking the company’s entrance into the U.S. market. Europe was previously the market focus for K65 system applications.

The K65 high-pressure tube system is particularly suitable for the transportation of the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744) in refrigeration systems of up to 120 bar. These high pressures are a challenge for the safety and reliability of piping systems. The K65 system is the only complete solution based on a copper alloy certified by TÜV and is in the process of certification for the US-American market (approval according to UL 207).

The benefits of K65 copper-alloy tubes

A significant amount of material can be saved with the Wieland K65 system compared to DPH copper, as the wall thickness can be reduced by approximately 45%, thus the tube for the same pressure level gets 45% lighter compared to DHP copper. For example, a 5 meter long K65 tube of 1 1/8’’ (28.57 mm) in diameter, weighs only 6.5 kilos, whereas a comparable Cu-DHP tube weighs 11 kilos.

The K65 system is suitable for CO2 (R744), which has very low global-warming potential, requires less installation time and conducts heat 17 times better than austenitic stainless steels, thus increasing the efficiency of heat exchangers”

Steffen Rieger, Manager Technical Marketing, Industrial Tubes, Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm.

The K65 system has a thermal conductivity of minimum 260 W/mK, thus conducting heat 17 times better than austenitic stainless steels which have a thermal conductivity of approx. 15 W/mK.

Unlike welding, brazing is a common and well-known practice in refrigeration. Through brazing, the product is safe and simple joining, making it easier to use overall.

Joint development with IBP Conex Bänninger

The high-performance tube system is a joint development of Wieland (K65 tubes) and IBP Conex Bänninger (brazing fittings). Based on a high-strength copper alloy, the high-performance tube system ensures very easy processing through brazing as well as excellent thermal conductivity for the manufacture of heat exchangers.

About the Wieland Group

The Wieland Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished and special products in copper and copper alloys: strip, sheet, tube, rod, wire and sections as well as slide bearings, finned tubes and heat exchangers. The products made of more than 100 different copper materials are used primarily in electronics and electrical equipment. Further important customer sectors are the automotive industry, the building trade, refrigeration/air-conditioning and heating technology, mechanical engineering and apparatus construction.

Together with its customers, the company develops solutions for customised and industrial applications. The Wieland Group comprises more than 30 manufacturing companies, slitting centres and trading companies in Europe, Asia, South Africa and the USA. Wieland-Werke AG owns four plants in Ulm, Velbert-Langenberg, Villingen-Schwenningen and Vöhringen. The branded copper tubes for domestic applications are manufactured in Germany at its Vöhringen (Bavaria) location. Development, production and sales are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

In addition, the company has an accredited test and certification laboratory. The plants in Germany are certified according to the international environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001; the largest plant, that in Vöhringen, is validated according to the European environmental standard EMAS.

In the business year 2013/2014, the turnover of the Wieland Group was approximately 2,772 million euros; sales were in the region of 465,000 tonnes. Wieland employs some 6,800 people worldwide, more than 4,000 of them in Germany.