Spanish OEM Area Cooling Solutions has announced a new partnership with Xuanke, a manufacturer of transcritical CO2 (R744) scroll compressors for refrigeration, high-pressure and mobile cooling.

According to Area, the components will be used in its new line of transcritical CO2 inverter units.

“Our experienced team will support you during the development of your new units, featuring a package with inverter drivers and specific controls,” it added.

Xuanke’s line up of CO2 scroll compressors consists of six models – three vertical and three horizonal – that offer an evaporating range of -20 to 19°C (-4 to 66°F), brushless direct current (BLDC) motor flexibility of 30 to 90 revolutions per second and high-pressure capabilities of up to 120bar (1,740 psi).

“They’re revolutionizing [air-conditioning], heat pumps, refrigeration and chillers,” said Area.

One of Xuanke’s horizontal scroll compressors for transportation – DE22V400AA – and one of its vertical scroll compressor for chillers and heat pumps – DD22V400AA – are currently available. The remaining four models are in development.

The DE22V400AA compressor offers a maximum capacity of 28.7kW (8.2TR) with a COP of 2.46. The DD22V400AA model can provide up to 18kW (5.1TR) in cooling capacity with a COP of 1.66.

Area first began working with CO2 in 2016 and, as of earlier this year, had installed 500 of its iCOOL CO2 condensing units across Europe. The manufacturer is also exploring options in the U.S. market and working through the certification process with U.S. safety standards body UL for its iCOOL 15 CO2 condensing unit.