Italian OEM Arneg has launched a series of new refrigeration cabinets with “superior visibility” designed for CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems.

The London 4 and Arles serve-over cabinet series have been designed for “maximum energy efficiency,” the company said in a newsletter. Both product lines are available in multiple models with a range of accessories and customizable finishes.

“London 4 and Arles areremote cabinets [that work best] when powered and managed with CO2 racks,” said Arneg’s marketing department.

The London 4 series are semi-vertical cabinets available in two heights, 125cm (49.2in) and 150cm (59.1in). They are suitable as “normal-temperature and low-temperature” applications, as well as for “heated, covered shelf, bread or fish counters,” Arneg said on its website. The London 4 cabinets are customizable with a range of materials and have curved, square or chamfered corners.

The Arles series has eliminated metal supports for the cabinet, creating a product where the display is 100% glass. The cabinets are available as serve-over or semi-vertical counters for both assisted sale and self service.

Arles and London 4 both have F ratings on the new A-G energy scale from the European Union.

Arneg also has vertical cabinets suitable for CO2 refrigeration systems in its portfolio, including the Osaka series, which sport full glass doors, low-consumption fans, LED lighting and adjustable shelves.

The Osaka includes the patented Arneg Air System technology, which has been developed to ensure a constant food temperature with no defrosting cycles and a 37% lower energy consumption than “standard” cabinets, said Arneg.

“London 4 and Arles are remote cabinets [that work best] when powered and managed with CO2 racks.”


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