Italian OEM Arneg SpA will highlight its range of CO2 booster systems, including a Mini Booster for small-to-medium stores, at shecco’s Virtual Trade Show for natural refrigerant technologies.

The Virtual Trade Show, featuring 75 exhibitors, will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. shecco, publisher of this website, is hosting the event. It is free to attend and interested parties can sign up here.

Arneg manufactures and installs CO2-based refrigeration equipmentfor the retail sector globally, and has quickly adapted to the new normal of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this, Arneg has embraced the possibilities of a digital trade show in its program.

“We intend to present our complete range of CO2 solutions capable of adapting to all store formats, even the smallest ones,” according to Tiziana Raiteri, Arneg’s Marketing & Communication Director.

Arneg will offer multi-lingual presentations and support during the trade show.

Main focus: Mini Booster

Arneg will feature products from its CO2 refrigeration catalog during the Virtual Trade Show. This includes three systems for medium- and low-temperature applications: the Mini Booster, Booster, and Booster XL, designed for different retail needs. 

The Mini Booster, designed for small- to medium-sized stores, will be Arneg’s main focus.

The Mini Booster can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, with optional soundproofing modifications and a frame that can store up to six compressors, according to Arneg’s “Store of the Future” press release.  Its cooling capacity is between 24 and 94kW (6.8 to 26.7TR )  for medium-temperature applications, 7 to 20kW (2 to 5.7TR ) for low-temperature applications. The system uses three medium-temperature compressors, including one for parallel compression) and two or three low-temperature compressors,  Arneg said on its website.

By using parallel compression, the Mini Booster gives smaller stores a “significant reduction of energy usage and costs,” Arneg added. “CO2 is the best refrigerant to guarantee both energy savings and to ensure a reduction in the impact the retail industry has on the environment.”

The Mini Booster also features medium and low temperature functionality from a single circuit, a small design ideal for small spaces, as well as working in various climates, Arneg noted. In addition, it allows heat recovery for domestic hot water and heating systems.

Arneg also offers a smaller-capacity transcritical CO2 unit, the GLOBO. It provides between 14 and 38kW (4 and 10.8TR) of medium-temperature capacity using two compressors, and between 4 and 10kW (1.1 and 2.8TR) of low-temperature capacity via one or two compressors.

The big guys: Booster and XL Booster

Arneg will also present two of its larger CO2 boosters at the Virtual Trade Show, the Booster and the Booster XL.

The Booster, designed for large retailers, features a cooling capacity between 91 and 240kW (25.9 and 68.2TR) for medium-temperature applications, and between 17 and 53kW (4.8 and 15TR) for low-temperature applications, with two to four compressors, according to Arneg’s The Full Range of Natural Solutions for the Store information book.

The Booster XL suits large supermarkets, cash and carry and distribution centers, according to Arneg. Its cooling capacity is between 220 and 460 kW (62.6 and 130.8TR) for medium-temperature applications and between 45 and 120 kW (12.8 and 34.1TR) for low-temperature applications. The system uses more than five medium-temperature compressors and more than four medium-temperature compressors,  Arneg said.

“CO2 is the best refrigerant to guarantee both energy savings and to ensure a reduction in the impact the retail industry has on the environment.”


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