Leading Japanese system manufacturer Mayekawa has developed, in collaboration with Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) Japan, a new NH3/CO2-powered thermal ice storage system, heard participants at the ATMOsphere Japan conference on natural refrigerants, held on 12 February 2019 in Tokyo.

The system dubbed the ‘CO2 Ice Bank’, combines Mayekawa’s NH3/CO2 packaged chillers with BAC Japan’s ice thermal storage tanks to provide chilled water for various industrial and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning applications such as dairy and beverage plants or food and meat processing facilities.

“We, at Mayekawa, have advanced CO2 technology and know-how and BAC has great expertise in ice bank technology,” said Mayekawa representative Hidehiro Kitayama.

“By combining the technology and know-how, we have successfully developed this CO2 ice bank.”

The system is the latest addition to Mayekawa’s wide portfolio of natural refrigerant-based solutions which include the NewTon NH3/CO2 system, the Unimo CO2 heat pump, and several others.

“We have a wide product line-up and this is an example of a new application of CO2 equipment,” said Kitayama.

“We would like to continue working with specialized partners in order to further develop this application.”

Asked when the company would likely see its first installation, possibly in an air-conditioning application, Kitayama replied, “as of today, we haven’t received any orders yet”.

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