Taking place in Luna Park, Sydney on 2 May, ATMOsphere Australia 2017 represents a unique opportunity to connect with more than 180 HVAC&R stakeholders, policymakers, end users and many more industry professionals.

Topics include updates on regulations and standards in Australia and New Zealand, training, and the newest technology trends.

The new presentation is:

Strathbrook Industrial Services: Transcritical CO2 system performance in warm climates by Ian Wilson

The performance of transcritical CO2 systems varies when subjected to changing climates. In warm ambient temperatures, compressor performance varies wildly, with refrigeration capacity falling by half and power consumption doubling.

This case study seekx to explain what happens to the system in a range of climatic conditions and explores why systems perform poorly when the weather is warm. It will also explain what options are available to overcome poor performance and what the downsides are to each of these solutions.

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