ATMOsphere, publisher of, has announced CO2 (R744) case studies for the upcoming ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit 2022, taking place in person in Brussels, Belgium, on November 15–16.

The case studies will cover CO2 refrigeration, heat pumps, air-conditioning and transport.

This year’s summit, the 12th edition of ATMO Europe, will be held at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre in the Brussels city center.

In addition to industry case studies, the two-day program will cover policy developments – particularly the EU F-gas Regulation – market updates, end-user experiences, the health and environmental impact of f-gas refrigerants, training and more. There will also be networking drinks on the evening of November 15.

Those interested in attending the summit can register for tickets here.

Refrigeration case studies

Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin will present on integrated CO2 systems. Giacomo Pisano, Sales Manager at Dorin, will share results of an Italian supermarket that was retrofitted from an HFC to an integrated CO2 system. The CO2 system provides both low-temperature and medium-temperature refrigeration, plus heating, air-conditioning and sanitary hot water production – all from a single rack.

Spanish OEM AREA Cooling Solutions will discuss a decentralized CO2 solution for commercial refrigeration applications. Philippe Boachon, Business Development Manager at AREA, will focus his presentation on AREA’s iCOOLTM CO2 range and successful applications (and benefits) of this decentralized solution.

Energy Recovery, a U.S. manufacturer of pressure exchange devices, will address its compression and expansion technology that saves on the energy required for CO2 refrigeration systems. Joseph Marchetti, Product Manager, CO2 Refrigeration at Energy Recovery, will showcase the first installation of this PX G1300 technology in a CO2 refrigeration rack in Europe. The novelty of the device will be discussed along with the installation and commissioning process for the grocery store.

Italian OEM Epta will focus on successful applications of its Extreme Temperature Efficiency (ETE) technology. David Wirth, Power Packs Product Manager at Epta, will explain how this technology addresses the problem of high energy costs and high ambient temperatures within CO2 systems. The core of the presentation will be a description of the customer projects with ETE but also include a technology comparison with parallel compression when installed in high ambient conditions.

Swiss OEM Biaggini Frigoriferi, together with Swiss cold storage operator Grünenfelder, will describe the integrated CO2 heating and cooling system for an industrial facility, which replaces an old problematic R507A system. Luca Rossi, Engineer Project Manager at Biaggini and Mirko Guidetti, Co-Owner of Grünenfelder, will present the case study, also looking at how, for the heat pump operation, the auxiliary system is using groundwater as the heat source.

HVAC & heat pumps

Danish OEM Advansor will focus on the need to reduce fossil fuels by switching to CO2 heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications. Casper Christiansen, Business Development Manager for Heat Pumps at Advansor, will present results from successful installations and the potential for savings.

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) will share an update on its ongoing HVACO2 project, which includes the design and preparatory study for an air-handling unit using CO2. Christian Heerup, Senior Consultant at DTI, will present information on the project, focusing on the application within Danish office buildings.

Swiss engineering consultancy Frigo Consulting will look at reversible CO2 heat pumps in heating and air-conditioning applications. Jonas Schönenberger, Head of Research & Development at Frigo Consulting, will demonstrate the potential of this technology by presenting multiple successful installations from an end-user perspective. They will also discuss what is required to speed up the shift to natural refrigerants in HVAC applications.

Transport and MAC

Italian OEM Carel will look at CO2 booster racks for ships and boats as a fully modulating efficient solution. Federico Ferrari, Application Specialist – Refrigeration Solutions at Carel, will explain how Carel’s multiDC rack was adopted by BCOOL A/S for marine applications. Two fully modulating booster racks with transcritical CO2 were installed on a cargo ship to serve its cold rooms.

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