Taking place in Shinmarunouchi Conference Square on 20 February, ATMOsphere Japan 2017 will be a unique opportunity to bring together industry professionals, end users and policymakers active in the Japanese HVAC&R market. Offering unparalleled networking opportunities, the event will be simultaneously translated into English and Japanese.

“This fantastic selection of new case studies will add great value for all attendees of ATMOsphere Japan 2017! I really look forward to being part of such a high quality line-up!”

Jan Dusek, shecco Japan

The detailed presentations will include:

EmersonThe Helix Innovation Center, providing infrastructure to enable natural refrigerants adoption by Abel R Gnanakumar

Working against the well-known difficulty that lack of training brings to the world of natural refrigerants, Emerson is taking a bold step to help support the HVAC&R industry with a new training centre.

With a considerable investment, The Helix Innovation Center will provide real-life scenarios to evaluate the different strategies for delivering a sustainable HVAC&R sector. Incorporating facilities to replicate a residential home, light commercial building, food service operation and supermarket, Helix provides an opportunity to come together, brainstorm and develop data-driven justifications in controlled conditions while simulating real-life scenarios. Learn all about Emerson’s real life facility for developing new training content and hands-on training in this case study session.

CARELCommercial CO2 refrigeration and Japanese experience by Tadao Sekiguchi

Taking full advantage of CAREL’s expertise in the European market, the company is driving new business in the Asian HVAC&R market, including China and Japan. New CO2 installations, such as a recent one in Osaka, show the success of a booster system with four compressors, perfectly equipped for low-temperature applications.

This case study will showcase how an “intrinsically complex technology” can be fully optimised on one side whilst being extremely easy to understand and use on the other, all thanks to integrated and intuitive control systems directly applied in field installations.

DorinLarge scale CO2 Heat Pumps – a practical example by Massimo Casini

Already standard solutions for applications such as sanitary heaters, carbon dioxide heat pumps have already been proven to outperform conventional electric heaters, like gas, oil or electric boilers.

To further improve on size limitations of the heat pumps in larger applications (where several heat pumps need to be used, which often leads to higher financial investments), this practical example will show the advantage of using larger compressors. Based on a large-scale hotel, discover how Dorin manages to reduce energy costs for end users by using an improved CO2 heat pump.

CoolTech: Magnetic Refrigeration – Light commercial refrigeration deployment and new development for refrigeration rack systems by Vincent Delecourt 

Find out more about this new HFC-free technology for refrigeration rack systems and larger applications, such as storage and industry processing. Learn how magnetic refrigeration uses specific alloys and magnetic systems in combination with water-based coolant fluid to produce the cold. A new way to offer significant energy savings to end users with reinforced safely levels.

This talk will show Japanese stakeholders how to benefit from this equipment and will highlight new areas for improvement and differentiation within refrigeration systems.

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