ATMOsphere, publisher of and organizer of the ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2023, has divided the Innovation of the Year category in the ATMO Awards/Europe competition into two parts: Innovation of the Year/Refrigeration and Innovation of the Year/Heat Pumps.

The decision was made to recognize the growing importance of natural refrigerant-based heat pumps in Europe.

The ATMO Awards/Europe, honoring excellence in the implementation of natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R systems, will be given during a special ceremony on the first day of the ATMOsphere Europe Summit, September 19, in Brussels, Belgium. The conference will also take place on September 20.

Five awards will be given:

  • Best in Sector/Retail
  • Best in Sector/Industrial
  • Innovation of the Year/Refrigeration
  • Innovation of the Year/Heat Pumps
  • Person of the Year

ATMOsphere is inviting all stakeholders in the HVAC&R industry to submit nominations for companies in the Best in Sector categories as well as for products in the Innovation of the Year categories and for the Person of the Year. Nominations can be submitted here. The deadline for nominations is August 11.

Register for the conference here.

Winners of the Best-in-Sector awards, one in each category, and the Person of the Year will be announced at the ATMOsphere Europe 2023 conference. A short list of the finalists for the Innovation Awards will be announced prior to the conference, after which online voting and then voting by conference attendees will determine the winner.

Nominations for the Retail and Industrial Best-in-Sector categories, Innovation of the Year and Person of the Year are welcomed from end users, manufacturers, academics, contractors, consultants, policy makers and others working with natural refrigerants within the HVAC&R industry. Companies and individuals may nominate themselves and their products or other companies, products or individuals.

The Innovation of the Year awards will go to companies that have produced natural refrigerant-based refrigeration or heat pump products that have had, or are expected to have, a significant impact on the market. The products can be complete systems or components of systems.

Criteria for assessing these products include:

  • Number of installations in the marketplace
  • Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Ability to expand the adoption of natural refrigerants in the marketplace
  • Availability in the marketplace
  • User and technician friendliness

In the Best-in-Sector categories, end-user companies will be recognized for implementing natural refrigerant systems that are part of new builds or remodels.

Criteria for assessing systems and companies include:

  • A reduction in energy consumption
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reproducibility
  • A business case encompassing capital, installation, operation, maintenance and training, and a return on investment
  •  Commitment to future natural refrigerant installations
  • Industry leadership
  • Innovation and perseverance

The Person of the Year Award will honor a single individual who has done the most to advance the adoption of natural refrigerant technology in HVAC&R applications in Europe. This award could go to any individual, including an end user, manufacturer, contractor, policy maker, academic or researcher.