Austrian logistics company, Transdanubia, has opted for a CO2 transcritical system in its new logistics centre in Guntramsdorf, near Vienna according to German magazine KÄLTE + Klimatechnik.

With the help of the CO2 industrial system, Transdanubia is aiming to reduce energy costs by 40% and keep running costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, at a minimum according to the magazine.

Hauser, an Austrian manufacturer of refrigeration systems, installed the CO2 system at the 10.000 m3 facility in August 2017 but did not hand over the project to Transdanubia until three months later. 

The new cooling facility fits 1,500 pallets and is divided into two halls, which are cooled separately by two transcritical CO2 racks from Hauser. Each of the booster systems provide 70 kW of cooling power. 

The temperature within the halls can be monitored online all-day remotely with a system, which was also installed by Hauser, at the Guntramsdorf logistics centre. The Austrian manufacturer installed the doors and the panels for the cooling rooms as well. 

Author Rico Meyn

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