U.S.-based Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) has introduced the Vertex, a new evaporative condenser for industrial applications with a 30% smaller water volume, which is being billed as a product with “peak” reliability and easy maintenance.

The reduced water volume saves on water usage and chemical costs, BAC said in a statement. The reduced volume also lowers the operating weight of units by an average of 16%. The capacity of the Vertex units range from 188TR to 1,434TR at a 96.3°F condensing temperature (661kW to 5,043kW at 35.7°C).

BAC supplies evaporative condensers and cooling towers for industrial ammonia applications as well as adiabatic gas coolers for transcritical CO2 systems in commercial and industrial applications.

The Vertex Condenser is equipped with a direct-drive EC fan system (EC motors and axial fans), which “maximizes reliability and uptime, and reduces operating costs, while requiring no regular maintenance,” BAC explained. These benefits give the Vertex the “lowest total cost of ownership,” as the EC fan system is up to 30% more efficient than a belt drive, the company added.

The design of the Vertex units include redundancy in fans, motors and pumps, meaning that “customers will enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted operation,” the company said.

“At BAC, we begin our innovation process by seeking to understand what our customers really need and want from us,” said Dave Klee, BAC Director of Sales and Marketing for North America. “In the case of the Vertex Evaporative Condenser, it was clear that there were many things they liked about our existing VCA [evaporative condenser], but that there were opportunities to make it even better. So, the Vertex Condenser combines what customers like most about the VCA with compelling new innovations for the future.”

“And of course, the Vertex Condenser uses evaporative cooling, so it’s an inherently sustainable solution for industrial refrigeration and other industrial process applications,” Klee added.

“Our customers asked for easy maintenance and access and the Vertex Condenser delivers,” said Phil Hollander, BAC Business Manager of Refrigeration for North America. “It has the largest access door, which easily accommodates a 6.5-foot-tall person (about 1.98m) with a sturdy step and safety handle. Technicians’ feet also stay dry while safely inspecting the low-volume basin from the internal walkway.”

“Inspection of all nozzles is also fast and easy with the optional pre-assembled platforms at an ergonomic working height. The Vertex Condenser alleviates confined space limitations and customers have already reacted very positively to the overall design,” Hollander explained.

The new features reduce labor cost for maintenance by 50%, according to BAC’s website. The Vertex also reduces installation costs by 30%, partly by enabling alignment of the upper and lower sections in less than 15 minutes per cell due to the rigidity of the units.

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