Signalling the increasing penetration of CO2-based systems into Australia’s commercial sector, Beijer Ref exhibited the SCM Frigo CUBO2Smart CO2 condensing unit in Australia for the first time at ARBS 2018 in Sydney last week.

“The CUBO unit is one of our latest developments where we are using CO2 technologies now in a small format,” said Inderpal Saund, APAC business development manager for Beijer Ref.

“So, we’ve got a condensing unit in theory for smaller applications like hotels, convenience stores, one-off cool rooms, etc. Now we can do it with a natural refrigerant in a small format.”

Beijer Ref first announced that the units would be available in Australia at last year’s ATMOsphere Australia conference.

Italy-based SCM Frigo specialises in the manufacture of CO2-based refrigeration systems and is owned by Beijer Ref Group.

Saund explained that the unit had received a positive reception from Australian industry.

“The response at ARBS this year with the launch has been phenomenal,” said Saund.

“We’ve had people coming up looking at the fact that it is such a small unit and that we can do everyday refrigeration with CO2 now.”

Saund sees growing worldwide demand for CO2 in smaller format applications and believes this trend is now beginning in Australia too – driven by adoption in large supermarket chains.

“I think what’s happening now is globally, there is a shift towards smaller formats. Whether it’s a supermarket chain or a convenience store, everyone wants to get a little bit smaller in size. So, there is a demand there.”

However, Saund explained that it might still take time for smaller businesses in Australia to begin adopting these types of system.

“The butcher shop down the road isn’t necessarily going to put a CO2 unit in,” said Saund.

“I think there is going to be some time before we get to that point. But if we look at the major food outlets, the major chains around the world, I think that they are looking towards a greener image – I think that’s where this has got more of a fit. And if we take for example Japan, or other parts of the world where this has rolled on quite rapidly, you can see that there is a growing trend for this.”

The CUBO2Smart CO2 condensing unit is available in transcritical medium- and low-temperature booster units with an adiabatic kit option.

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition took place at the ICC in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on 8-10 May.

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