The manufacturer of CO2 racks Swiss-Italian Biaggini Frigoriferi, who has been in the business for 90 years, has just become a new bronze partner on

Biaggini Frigoriferi has been making CO2 transcritical systems since 2010.  “CO2 technology is now consolidated in many countries of Europe; in Switzerland, where we operate, there is a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system in most of the supermarkets of the main brands”, Luca Rossi of Biaggini Frigoriferi told 

“I hope that the remaining countries in Europe and especially Italy will follow this way as soon as possible, because nowadays this technology has increased in efficiency”, Rossi added.

The company, founded over 90 years ago, is proud to have worked recently on the Migros Besso store, in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, among others. “We installed a CO2 transcritical system with an external gascooler-evaporator device, [which] can satisfy the heating request of the whole building”, he explained “Indeed there is not another heating source, so the building is totally HFC free and 100% CO2 friendly”. 

The gascooler was developed with heat-exchange manufacturer LU-VE “and it ensures a higher COP than conventional heat pumps, even in very cold climates”, he noted.

For CO2 transcritical installations, the company uses adiabatic cooling, mechanical sub-cooling and parallel compression to maintain the efficiency in warm climates. “In our region the summer is very hot, up to external air temperature of 38°C”, he said, “Our installations [have] never [had] any problem also in the most critical conditions”.

The company is now working on a project to install a CO2 transcritical system with an intermediate circuit, dry cooler and mechanical sub-cooling on the 6th floor of a building.

More information on the CO2 offer by Biaggini Frigoriferi can be found on its partner profile on

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