Bitzer Australia is expanding CO2 training from its main Sydney-based center to Melbourne and Brisbane, with plans to also add Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch sessions later this year, according to the company.

The  manufacturer is doing this through its recently launched Bitzer Green Point after-sales support, training, and maintenance service.

“The latest round of Green Point training has been taken on the road to reach customers who may not have the opportunity to travel to our Sydney-based training center,” said Shannon Egan, general manager for Bitzer Green Point.

Egan added that Bitzer Australia aims to “share our knowledge with the industry to push CO2 technology into all market segments.”

For COtechnology to be successful long term, he added, “it is important that the industry has options for training. As an OEM we have invested heavily in people and equipment to support the trade in this area.”

Bitzer Australia has been conducting CO2 training since 2004 when it began manufacturing and supplying subcritical CO2 systems to the Australian market. To date, it now counts over 300 subcritical CO2 systems installed in the country along with 16 transcritical CO2 racks.

The Bitzer Green Point CO2 training sessions target tradesmen, project managers, engineers, business owners and consultants.

Content covers introductory information on CO2 as a refrigerant, component and system design, domestic standards and legislation, as well as an overview of commissioning, service and maintenance tips.

Feedback so far has been positive, Egan said. “We have been told the training provides a practical foundation and confidence to begin working with R744 [CO2] technology at all technical levels.”

In addition to CO2 training, Bitzer Australia also conducted a one-day NH3 training course with its staff and customers in November of last year, covering topics such as ammonia-system design in industrial refrigeration, heat recovery, oil use, and case studies.

For more information on Bitzer Green Point CO2 training, phone Shannon Egan in Australia at 1300 BITZER.

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