Bitzer UK is upping its investment as it pays homage to the versatility and innovativeness of the British market by increasing its activity in two key areas. First, at the end of July, Bitzer UK announced it is launching a training initiative that aims to update the technical knowledge and practical skills of designers, installers and service engineers in compressor application and maintenance.

In addition, as of September, Bitzer UK has also expanded its Green Point remanufacturing operation to include compressors made by other companies, such as Bock, Carrier and Copeland. To support this growth, Green Point is expanding the UK engineering team.

Bitzer UK offer courses for natural refrigerants with a special focus on CO2

We asked Bitzer UK why the UK is such an important market for innovation. Kevin Glass, Bitzer’s UK Managing Director, had this to say:

“UK contractors, system designers and end users are technically quite advanced and tend to take an innovative approach. They are willing to challenge accepted ways of doing things, which helps push forward the boundaries of refrigeration and drive technical advances on a wider front, globally.”

It’s interesting to note that currently, Bitzer UK is not offering specific training in the use and application of HFO-based refrigerants. However, Bitzer UK highlighted Bitzer’s global focus on R744:

“Carbon dioxide, in particular, is clearly a major area of development for the future. Bitzer is supporting this with its focussed carbon dioxide training course, based at the company’s headquarters in Germany.”

On their decision to focus on CO2 in their training, Bitzer reaffirmed that they “have been working for some time with the foresight of a wide range of scenarios. The result is that we now have a range of proven options that cater for all eventualities, including solutions based on natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons.”

Green Point uses expertise to revitalise worn-out compressors

Another one of the ways that Bitzer UK is also increasing its activity is through Green Point. Green Point is a remanufacturing operation launched by Bitzer UK in spring 2014. It was founded to help add an extra quality to engineering and attention to detail to every stage of the remanufacturing process.

When launched last year, Green Point exclusively remanufactured Bitzer compressors; however, as of September 2015, Bitzer UK is now handling compressors made by Bock, Carrier, Copeland and Trane. The Green Point facility located in Bletchley, just north of London boasts a 2,600m2 premises and is one of more than 40 Bitzer Green Points globally.

Bitzer UK’s Green Point uses its wealth of experience to upgrade compressors to functionality as if new from any condition, including fitting new motors and replacing worn-out key components. It does this and offers the compressors at a rate of 30% less expensive than the market going-price for new compressors.

The benefits of Green Point are clear, as by remanufacturing compressors, availability is increased and as part of a global network, Green Point is able to source compressors globally.