BITZER shows off innovative compressors for CO2, R290 in Japan

BITZER showcased the OCTAGON 2ESL-4K reciprocating compressor at the HVAC&R show. The OCTAGON 2ESL-4K boasted two cylinders and has a cooling capacity between 1.9 and 82 kW (–35°C/–5°), making it perfect for applications such as commercial refrigeration. The compressor is also equipped with extra reinforcements in housing and drive gear. Additionally, adapted motors for condensing temperatures of up to 15°C and reductions in interior flow losses help to ensure that the compressors are efficient and sturdy.

Also on display were five new CKH reciprocating compressors designed for transcritical CO2 applications – including the two-cylinder CKH2 and the six-cylinder CKH5 models. These models can be operated between 30 and 70 Hz, reducing service requirements and operating costs of the refrigeration system.

BITZER also had its new scroll compressor lines on show – the ELV21 and ELV51 – designed for mobile applications with a dual-functionality to work in heat pump applications. The compressors manufactured for use with R290 are electrically operated with a frequency inverter, enabling a completely new system design with compact dimensions, a low amount of refrigerant, and increased system efficiency. As well as being smaller and more lightweight – shedding eight kilograms and 17 centimetres in length from BITZER’s ECH209Y compressors – the inverter also allows for quieter operations without sacrificing performance.


BITZER is a global leader in the manufacture of screw, scroll and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Their natural refrigerant portfolio includes compressors designed for CO2 and ammonia. It began producing CO2 compressors in 1998 and has a wide range of UL approved sub-critical compressors and transcritical models.

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