German compressor manufacturer BOCK showcased an expanded CO2 (R744) compressor offering at the 2022 Chillventa trade show, highlighted by the new six-cylinder transcritical HGX56 CO₂ T.

Chillventa took place in Nuremberg, Germany, October 11–13.

“The new transcritical 6-cylinder HGX56 CO₂ T is designed for even greater performance, especially in industrial refrigeration and heat pump applications,” said Thorsten Schaefer, Director Sales Stationary Application at BOCK.

Under the motto “BOCK goes low temperature,” the manufacturer also showed a two-stage CO₂ compressor for low-temperature cooling applications, currently in the pilot phase. It forms part of BOCK’s StarCO₂mpressor range.

Increasing performance

The development of the transcritical HGX56 CO₂ T compressor was all about increasing performance, according to a statement by the manufacturer. The six-cylinder addition to BOCK’s semi-hermetic HG compressor range now increases the capacity of its CO2 offering for various commercial and industrial applications.

This unit has various advantages, said BOCK, including a holistic compressor design that has been engineered for high loads, and enables greater capacities while reducing the number of compressors needed.

In addition, the new model offers maximum flexibility through various design variants, noted BOCK.  Not only can it be used in classic medium and low-temperature refrigeration applications, but also for heat pumps and air-conditioning, or as a parallel compressor.

“This also makes the HGX56 CO₂ T an attractive and sustainable alternative to synthetic refrigerants and NH3 applications,” said Manuel Froeschle, Product Manager for Natural Refrigerants at BOCK.

NatRef compressor pioneer

In its 90-year company history, BOCK was an early mover in the development of compressors for natural refrigerants. This includes hydrocarbon compressors, “which are a sustainable alternative, especially for high-performance heat pump and air conditioning applications,” said Schaefer.

“Thanks to decades of experience and an early recognition of trends, BOCK offers a dynamic product portfolio that provides efficient solutions for a more sustainable future for customers and the environment,” said Stephan Schumann, CSO and Managing Director at BOCK GmbH.

Danish component manufacturer Danfoss announced on October 10 its intent to acquire BOCK to help strengthen its expertise in CO₂ and natural refrigerants technology. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close no later than Q1 2023.

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