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Manuel Froeschle, Manager Application Engineering PM Natural Refrigerants

Benzstr. 7
72636 Frickenhausen

Bock Compressors Czech s.r.o., Czech Republic
Phone: +420 374 630 411

Bock Compressors India pvt. Ltd., India
Phone: +91 080-4968 2344

Bock Compressors (Suzhou) Ltd., China
Phone: +86 135 8598 1010

About BOCK GmbH

CO2 specialists for all capacity ranges – worldwide!

BOCK GmbH, with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in Czech Republic, India and China, was established in 1932. Together with its customers, partners and at least 340 employees worldwide BOCK wants to consistently develop the brand with a view to technology, quality and innovation leadership to take it to next level of success in refrigeration and cooling business for industrial and commercial solutions.

BOCK is one of the leading compressor manufacturers for innovative, environmentally friendly and economical solutions in refrigeration and air-condition technology. BOCK offers solution for mobile and stationary applications needed in industrial cooling, commercial cooling, and supermarket refrigeration systems.

For almost 90 years, BOCK compressors have been key components for commercial and industrial applications in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial heating and heat pumps – with the focus on the use of future-proof natural refrigerants such as CO2  (R744).

BOCK compressors provide clever cooling solutions for planners, investors, and operators. So, functionality, cost-effectiveness and climate protection work hand and hand.
Furthermore, BOCK has been a synonymous for best quality and fresh spirit of inspiration.

To date, BOCK offers a semi-hermetic CO2  compressor program containing seven specialists for the use as transcritical CO2  compressors and subcritical CO2  systems – stationary and mobile.

Your advantage: An optimized driving gear design specifically for operation with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R744 combined with decades of proven BOCK compressor technology – equipped with all CO2  relevant features.

Another benefit of the BOCK CO2  compressor range is the minimized noise, vibrations and pulsations to ensure a high degree of user comfort and a high level of plant safety and efficiency. As well, BOCK compressors provide reduced investment and operating costs combined with maximized operational reliability and runtime. BOCK calls it the °Clever Art of Cooling.

BOCK Training Courses

Together with Danfoss, BOCK offers special (online) user training courses. For this purpose, a complete transcritical supermarket refrigeration system with the latest CO2  technology is in operation at the BOCK training center.

  • with heat recovery
  • air conditioning
  • parallel compression + ejector

to make the seminars more practical.

If interested and want to join, please check the BOCK LinkedIn profile or sign up for the Newsletter to not miss any dates, or contact:


The strengths of the BOCKCO2Tool based on Excel: Support for the selection of CO2 compressors, e.g. by displaying the system schematic as RI flow diagram and refrigeration circuit in log-p-h-diagram, as well as selecting compressors in rack systems and for special CO2 systems such as booster systems. Usage on request:

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