German compressor manufacturer BOCK GmbH has launched BOCKlub, a compressor oil suited for all the company’s compressors, including the CO2 (R744) models.

The BOCKlub, available to purchase as of August 3, is “matched and validated to the BOCK compressors and their complete application limits,” according to a statement from BOCK, which was spun off from GEA last year.

The new oil has been developed to guarantee a “high” degree of compressor-wear protection, ensure economic efficiency by minimizing energy consumption, and enable BOCK’s compressors to match “constantly increasing performance requirements,” the company said.

To achieve the required performances precisely fitting oils are regularly tested and validated for new requirements and applications, BOCK added.

The BOCKlub has “excellent viscosity and temperature behavior, high chemical and thermal stability and an easy upgrade from previously used oils,” the company added.

BOCK manufactures a wide range of R744 compressors, including subcritical and transcritical models for both low-temperature and medium-temperature applications.

In June, BOCK launched a new subcriticalCO2 compressor for low-temperature industrial applications with high standstill pressures.

Read more about BOCK’s compressor range here.

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