German compressor manufacturer BOCK has launched a new subcritical CO2 compressor for low-temperature industrial applications with high standstill pressures.

The HGX24e series has been commercially available since mid-May. It is available with motor sizes ML and S, meaning cooling capacities of 8 to 23kW (2.3 to 6.6TR), and it has six displacement stages. The series operates at evaporating temperatures from -50°C and 0°C (-58°F and 32°F) and condensing temperatures of up to 25°C (77°F).

The compressors “offer a wide frequency range and greater operating limits, which increases operational flexibility,” BOCK said in a statement. “At the same time, risks, susceptibility to faults, operating and service costs are reduced.”

The low-temperature compressor series can “easily” cope with high standstill pressures that exceed the low-pressure range of 40 or 30bar, as it has been designed for pressures on the low-pressure side of up to 100bar, said BOCK. The maximum pressure on the high pressure side is also 100bar.

“High efficiency, quality and reliability are also strengths of the new subcritical CO2 compressor,” BOCK added.

BOCK offers CO2 compressor solutions for mobile and stationary applications in industrial cooling, commercial cooling and supermarket refrigeration systems.

Last September, BOCK was acquired by NORD Holding, a German private-equity asset-management company, from the  GEA Group.

“High efficiency, quality and reliability are also strengths of the new subcritical CO2 compressor”


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