The second store to use a transcritical CO2 system in Brazil opened its doors officially on 16 June in Atibaia, in the state of São Paulo.  Having successfully tested the system, store managers expect it to improve the store’s energy efficiency and deliver reliable operations in the hot and humid conditions of south Brazil.  

State-of-the-art technology

“Surely natural refrigerants are going to be the solution for most applications in Brazil,” Mauricio Neto, a consultant helping Atacadao in their refrigeration installations, told at the store just days before the opening. 

His remarks echo the sentiment of many other Brazilian experts, who see an opportunity to leapfrog from ozone-depleting HCFCs directly to natural refrigerants to update existing installations across the country. The performance and reliability of recent installations with natural refrigerants is therefore crucial to determine the future deployment of the technology on a wider scale in the region.    

With a total commercial surface of 6,300m2, the store relies on a centralised transcritical CO2 system. System supplier Advansor provided the two racks, with a refrigerant charge of 150kg each. The system relies on parallel compression, using Bitzer compressors, and direct evaporation.

Complementary to the centralised system, the store counts on large stand-alone refrigeration cabinets with propane (R290) supplied by Austrian manufacturer AHT.


Brazilian retailer Atacadão, part of the Carrefour group since 2007, specialises in the ‘Cash & Carry’ concept. With over 124 stores and 22 distribution centres across Brazilian territory, it is one of the national leaders in its sector. The new store reflects the group’s policy to gradually introduce natural refrigerants across all new stores.  

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