Italian component maker CAREL is extending the concept of “continuous modulation” to small and medium store formats through the introduction of its pR multi DC, which it calls “the first controller able to manage multiple DC compressors on the same line.”

The company’s has previously touted its EmJ modulating ejectors, whichoptimize transcritical COsystems in warm and temperate climates. Available in six sizes, the ejectors allow the system to “continuously adapt to the variations in operating conditions that are typical of refrigeration systems,” said CAREL.

The pR multi DC controller offers extended modulation capacityfor small and medium systems, up to 40 kW (11.4 TR), managing the DC inverter on each compressor. According to CAREL, the controller provides up to 20% more efficiency than conventional technologies.

Through synchronisation with CAREL’s pRack pR300T, pR multi DC can manage up to 4 MT compressors and 2 LT compressors for CO2 booster applications.The product is fully compatible with CAREL supervisory systems.

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