With CO2 and propane becoming even more entrenched in the European food retail sector as HFCs are phased down under the EU’s F-Gas Regulation, Italian multinational CAREL is confident that natural refrigerant-based systems can now operate efficiently in all climates. R744.com spoke to Group Managing Director Francesco Nalini to find out more.

Until now, users of natural refrigerant technologies in food retail have sometimes been forced to “compromise” or accept “trade-offs” on issues such as efficiency or range of applications, the CAREL boss admits.

“We believe that these trade-offs are very quickly being overcome. I see a very bright future for natural refrigerants in Europe, because it’s now possible to have natural refrigerants at high efficiencies in all latitudes,” Nalini said.

Natural Efficiency – available now

CAREL is seeking to capitalise on this potential by putting in place its new ‘Natural Efficiency’ strategy.

“Our message is ‘Natural Efficiency – available now’,” Nalini told R744.com at the EuroShop retail tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. “We’re showing functioning natural refrigerant-based units working with on high-efficiency technologies that can be used at all latitudes,” he said. 

CAREL’s strategy is to work with HVAC&R stakeholders to move the market for efficient natural-refrigerant based technologies forward, Nalini explained.

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