Italian manufacturer Carel launched its E5V electronic expansion valve for CO2 (R744)-based HVAC&R systems at the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, which took place February 26 to March 2.

According to the company, this is the latest addition to its “innovative series of high-pressure valves for CO2.”

Previously only offering valves for CO2-based systems up to 180kW (51TR), the new E5V expansion valve is suitable for high-capacity chillers, air-conditioning systems and heat pumps up to 700kW (199TR), explained Sebastiano Di Lena, Group Marketing Manager for Food Retail at Carel.

The E5V also enables higher flow rates, with two-way flow to perfectly balance pressures; thanks to design of the valve, flow is controlled effectively even at low flow rates, added the manufacturer.

Carel’s E5V and other electronic expansion valves have “been developed with the aim of meeting the typical energy-saving requirements of [HVAC&R] systems, where optimum control is an essential factor in terms of costs and management,” it said.

Carel’s range of electronic expansion valves for propane (R290) and CO2.
Carel’s range of electronic expansion valves for propane (R290) and CO2.

To simplify maintenance, Carel’s valves for high-capacity systems have been designed to be modular and are made using removable components that are assembled during installation.

This approach also helps to reduce resource use by allowing for the replacement of individual components instead of the whole valve.

CO2 controllers for better connectivity

In addition to the E5V, Carel also launched its new μRack controller for CO2-based condensing units and compact compressor racks. Previously, Carel’s μRack controller was only available for HFC- and HFO-based systems.

The controller links to Carel’s Applica app via Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication), allowing for simple connectivity, configuration and system management. According to Carel, these features are key for end users.