Helping to improve the efficiency of cold rooms, Italian multinational CAREL presented its integrated DC Cella SPLIT cooling solution for CO2 refrigerant at ARBS 2018 in Sydney.

Created by combining the features of CAREL’s HECU, UltraCella and EVD Ice solutions into one system, “DC Cella SPLIT is a solution that guarantees high performance, maximum usability and special focus on simplifying installation, configuration and use,” the firm said in a press release.

CAREL argues that the DC Cella SPLIT configuration offers energy savings of up to 25% higher than with on/off units. It cites “excellent quality control of the stored products” among the other benefits for end users, in addition to extremely simple installation and maintenance.

“With DC Cella SPLIT, CAREL’s customers and partners can for the first time exploit the power of CAREL DC Technology and E2V proportional expansion valves in an integrated way to develop their own custom business proposal,” the firm said.

CAREL describes the new offering as “a single vertical, one-stop-shop solution that is ready for installation: a customised system, optimised in the factory, comprising the condensing unit with on-board BLDC compressor, cold room control panel and evaporator with integrated driver and electronic expansion valve”.

DC Cella SPLIT aims to solve the perceived complexities in adopting high-efficiency systems. According to CAREL, the cold-room solution reduces system installation and configuration times.

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition took place at the ICC in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on 8-10 May.

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