As the doors open on EuroShop 2017 – the world’s largest retail tradeshow – Italian multinational CAREL unveils an extended portfolio of products designed for natural refrigerant-based applications. Among these, its extended range of ‘EmJ’ modulating ejectors helps to bring CO2 transcritical systems to all store formats.

From small convenience stores to large supermarkets, transcritical CO2 systems can now be optimised to operate in warmer climates. “The EmJ modulating ejector has been designed in six different sizes, so as to offer an effective response for all store formats,” said Nicola Pieretti, application manager at CAREL.

The EmJ modulating ejector was first previewed at ATMOsphere Europe 2016.

“Transcritical CO2 systems can therefore now be adopted in supermarkets of all different sizes, maintaining the same high performance and guaranteeing energy savings when compared to traditional solutions,” Pieretti said.

The solution’s fundamental feature is the continuous modulation ensured by the ejectors, which via dedicated control algorithms allow the system to continuously adapt to a refrigeration system’s typical variations in operating conditions.

“Transcritical CO2 systems can now be adopted in supermarkets of all different sizes, maintaining the same high performance and guaranteeing energy savings when compared to traditional solutions.”

Nicola Pieretti, CAREL

HEOS sistema now refrigerant-neutral

At EuroShop, CAREL is also previewing a new version of its HEOS sistema that is compatible with natural and low-GWP refrigerants. The HEOS system offers energy efficiency improvements; direct cabinet temperature control; fast installation; and flexible design.

“The availability of Heos as a refrigerant-neutral solution represents a new revolution in commercial refrigeration, fully exploiting the benefits of continued modulation ensured by the Heos system, independently of the refrigerant used, above all natural ones,” said Diego Malimpensa, Business Unit Manager – Retail Solutions at CAREL.

The Heos sistema is a new way of developing refrigeration systems comprising plug-in cabinets featuring simple on-board refrigeration units with DC inverter compressors.

“With this new solution, we have brought together the results of years of innovation both in the use of natural refrigerants and of DC inverter technology, in a system that maximises the benefits of both,” said Malimpensa.

Hecu sistema targets low-temperature CO2 applications

The Hecu sistema control solution for high-efficiency CO2 condensing units with DC inverter technology is now also available for low-temperature applications.

Hecu sistema manages two compressor lines (typical of traditional transcritical CO2 booster systems), thus meeting the needs of low-temperature applications while delivering the same high efficiency guaranteed by DC inverter technology.

“It also opens the way for potential new applications that will further spread the use of systems with natural refrigerants only,” the company said.

The Hecu version for natural refrigerant CO2 minimises condensing unit start/stop cycles, delivering smoother unit operation by continuously controlling the cooling capacity. Used in conjunction with proportional electronic expansion valves on showcases and in cold rooms, Hecu delivers more stable and precise temperature control – improving food preservation quality and reducing waste.

CAREL debuts control solution for beverage coolers

EuroShop also sees the world preview of the Heez solution for the control and management of propane (R290)-based beverage coolers, guaranteeing high performance while reducing environmental impact.

Heez helps to bring variable-speed (DC inverter) compressor technology to the refrigerated merchandiser sector. Compared to traditional compressors, these do not typically operate with on-off cycles, instead varying their capacity to adapt to requirements – thereby delivering energy savings.

“We’ve developed a solution that can reduce the environmental impact and running costs of beverage coolers, while improving on the already very high performance required,” said Alessandro Greggio, Group Head of Marketing – Retail and Refrigeration, CAREL.

“The [propane] used by Heez is indeed completely natural, and responds fully to all of the international standards and guidelines for true natural efficiency,” Greggio said.

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