FMI Energy & Store Development Conference is an opportunity for the food retail industry to convene and connect on such issues as energy efficiency, conservation, store design and merchandising. CAREL, a recognised global leader in control solutions, was a Gold Sponsor of the conference and displayed its various natural-refrigerant based products available in the US market.

pRack pR100T for Transcritical CO2 Condensing Units

The pRack pR100T is a compact, powerful controller for complete management of small CO2 systems for condensing units and small format facilities. It features a simple and intuitive user interface and represents the ideal controller for condensing units and convenience stores.

Basic Features:

  • Management of one or two compressors
  • Variable speed device management
  • Gas cooler management
  • Control algorithm for small capacity E2V-C high pressure valve and flash gas valve

The pR100T includes advanced algorithms for CO2 solutions to guarantee high energy efficiency. It can also set safety functions and manage alarms to ensure system reliability even at the high operating pressures typical of CO2 applications.

pRack pR300 for Subcritical CO2 Systems

The pRack pR300 is the newest platform, evolved from the pR100 controller, and provides complete management of compressor racks, and includes new functions for subcritical CO2 systems.

Basic Features:

  • Direct management of electronic expansion valves for the management of heat exchangers (EVS)
  • Double suction lines management with double system synchronization (DSS)
  • Universal inputs and outputs
  • Bitzer CRII compressor management

The pRack pR300 increases instrument integration with additional communication lines (supervisor and fieldbus), direct built-in valve management of CAREL ExV-C high pressure rated, stainless steel electronic expansion valves and higher performance hardware.

pRack pR300T for Transcritical CO2 Systems

The pRack pR300T is the latest CAREL solution for transcritical CO2 systems able to manage a complete booster system with a single controller. Advanced algorithms are available to maximise the efficiency of the compressor couplings and transcritical valve management.

Basic Features:

  • Management of medium and low temperature compressors
  • Optimum management of new range E3V-C high pressure and flash gas valve
  • Parallel compressors and heat reclaim options
  • Flexible I/O to easly adapt the configuration to any application

ThepRack pR300Tfeatures a user-friendly, touch-screen interface, and intuitive algorithms to simplify the management of transcritical CO2 systems. Different hardware versions are available to match every requirement, even with a built-in double stepper driver and safe closure protection in case of power failure.


CAREL, a recognised global leader of refrigeration, air-conditioning and humidification controls, provides total store integration and optimisation solutions for the food retail industry. Headquartered in Padova, Italy, CAREL now has subsidiaries all over Europe, in North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.


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